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2001 News Update

2001, Dec 29, Dagens Nyheter (Sweden): UFF Sweden is on the verge of bankrupcy with a dept of 4,9 mill SEK to public and private creditors. UFF spokesman Thomas Gregersen says that second-hand business is in a crisis and won't give any specific figures. Donations of used clothes amount to 8900 t in Sweden alone which indicates that the turnover is at least 200 mill SEK.
2001, Dec 29, Ekstra Bladet: A large amount of evidence incl. 100.000 documents from the Tvind computers are slowing down police investigations says Jens Kaasgaard.
2001, Dec 29, Berlingske Tidende: Tvind pressure on Hans la Cour (see Dec. 2) seems to backfire. Twenty former TG-members now want to tell their story to the police according to chief-of-police in Holstebro Jens Kaasgaard (Important notice: In Denmark the chief-of-police is also the public prosecutor). They have changed their minds because they are angry about the way la Cour is being treated by Tvind.
2001, Dec 11, Ritzau: In a case against Den rejsende Hoejskole paa Sejrens Vej (Travelling Folk High School) the Ministry of Education won in the appeal court (Vestre Landsret). The school has to pay back all state subsidies recieved over several years amounting to 4,9 mill. Dkr. The case started in 1996 and has no direct implication on the new fraud case.
2001, Dec 11, BT: Tvind (i.e. Faelleseje) has been convicted of VAT evation. Faelleseje used to lease cars, furniture and computers to the schools and doing so they avoided paying VAT for several years. VAT in Denmark is 25% so Faelleseje now has to pay several mill. Dkr. back. (See press release Sep. 19th 1996)
2001, Dec. 2, TV2, Tvind wants compensation for public defamation from Hans la Cour, now a resident of New Zealand and an important witness in the case against Tvind. La Cour says to TV2 that he feels intimidated and that his first concern is his own economical welfare and the well being of his family and not the case against Tvind.
2001, Nov. 30, Ekstra-Bladet: A former TG-member tells about a speach held by MAP in Juelsminde, Denmark in 1996, where he compares himself and Tvind with the lost son of a king in a typical mix of revolutionary and religious rhetorics. My comment: Ekstra-Bladet says that there were 500 TG-members present, but Tvinds own well known account of the meeting says 250 which probably comes closer to the actual size of the TG in Denmark.
2001, Nov. 30, Berlingske Tidende: Tvind still has several small schools in Denmark and they are now being accused of overcharging the local authorities by raising the rent of the houses of the schools to an unrealistically high level. (The buildings are primarily owned by Faelleseje.)
2001, Nov. 29, Ekstra-Bladet/Ritzau: According to secret sources Amdi Petersen has declared that Tvind is to leave Denmark within 2004. Poul Joergensen denies.
2001, Nov. 22, Expressen (Sweden): Swedish companies and the government have sponsored Tvind. The Dairy Company Arla have donated some computers to the organisation but they fiercely refuse to be called "partners" and have demanded to be taken off the Tvind homepage of sponsors. Some military surplus materials (don't worry! no guns, mainly clothes) have been donated as well.

2001, Nov. 15, Jyske-Vestkysten: Tvind is now trying to buy two properties in southern Jutland, a former Motel in Doestrup and a former Inn in Oedis. The latter should be substitute for the closed school in Lakolk on the island Rømø.
2001, Nov. 11, Jyske-Vestkysten: Amdi hide-out in Grindsted, Jutland, is for sale. The house was searched during the big razzia in April and Amdi Petersen has stayed there when i Denmark.

2001, Nov. 3, Jyllands-Posten: A big article describes a Tvind farm in Zimbabwe, where the headquarters of Humana, UFF, ADPP etc. are located.
2001, Oct. 28, Jyllands-Posten: In a big scoop feature covering 7 pages 3 journalists describe in detail the 6 mill. $ flat that a Tvind company owns 5302 Fisher Island Drive, Fisher Island, Miami. It is being used by Amdi Petersen. They also published a recent picture of Amdi Petersen. It has been commonly known that Tvind owns property in Miami Beach but the actual adress of this flat and some interesting details on the enormous costs of living there are new. The newspaper Ekstra-Bladet accuse Jyllands-Posten of having printet a digitally manipulation of an old photo of Amdi Petersen. Jyllands-Posten admits that the picture could be a manipulated photo (Urban nov. 1, 2001) but has great confidence in their secret source. My comment: Ekstra-Bladet's reporter has spent time and money doing futile research in Florida and he is pissed off. The paper would have loved to tell the same story. But they have a point. The picture is very clearly digitalized. The reporters have probably been able to photocopy his picture off some ID-card (Amdi Petersen is a member of the Fisher Island Golf Club) and then they have brushed it up with colours and hidden their source by removing the background, a stamp or any signs of the origin. People who know him say that it looks like him. The whole story has stirred up a new wave of public outrage. Inland revenue wants to tax Amdi Petersen for this fringe benefit extravaganza and some ex-TG-member announce a possible law-suit against Tvind for being misled. Humana is being accused of fraud and Company Records is going through the confiscated computers with the police in Holstebro. Basically it doesn't change anything for the police investigations. For Amdi P. it's just another day at the job. He is probably mad because his hideout has been found and he will probably move. Who knows?
2001, Sep. 30, JyskeVestkysten: Tvind has published confident papers concerning the raid on April 25th on the internet: . It is now being investigated if one of the Tvind lawyers, Jørgen Jacobsen (who has defended Amdi P. since 1969), has comitted anything illegal by letting Tvind have copies of the papers. The papers clearly show that the police in Holstebro had made an agreement with the private investigator Frede Farmand that made it possible for him to be present and videotape the actual raid. In exchange he promised to give up a surveillance of Tvind headquartes in order to prevent suspicion of an upcoming raid. Frede Farmand is an old enemy of Tvind. They basically hate him and try to incriminate him in any way.
2001, Sep. 17, BT: Police have now retrieved so much information from the confiscated computers that they no longer consider it necessary to let former Tvind members, incl. Steen Byrner, appear as witnesses in the trial.
2001, Aug. 25, Ritzau: Danish government development aid to Zimbabwe has been stopped because of Mugabes destructive policy. As a result a delegation from the Zimbabwean government is visiting Denmark tomorrow. The trip is sponsored by Tvind.
2001, Aug. 23, Civilretsdirektoratet ( ) has now appointet a new board for the humanitarian foundation. Chairman is the lawyer Jesper Lett, Borgergade 111, DK-1300 København K.
2001, Aug. 15, Berlingske Tidende: Tvind is negotiating the sale of another house in northern Jutland. At the same time by way of the courts Tvind is trying to regain control of the humanitarian foundation and its millions.
2001, Aug. 14, The court in Viborg has decided that the raid on April 25 was justifiable with a few minor exceptions. The Police continue investigations into the alleged fraud made by the board of the humanitarian foundation.
2001, Aug. 9, JyskeVestkysten: Questions are raised by politicians why criminals are sentenced to work for Tvind. (Courts can use "samfundstjeneste" - community service - instead of jail as punishment)
2001 Aug. 8, Berlingske Tidende: Leader of Tvinds American recycling company, Mikael Norling, has returned to Denmark to take part in the defence of Tvind at the court (Landsretten) in Viborg. The court will present its decision whether the raid on Tvind on April 25 was illegal or not next tuesday. The police have a strong case since they have succeeded in breaking the codes of the confiscated Tvind computers revealing incriminating correspondance between Tvind leaders.
2001 Aug. 7, Berlingske Tidende: On behalf of danish police, american police (no specifications about which force, local or FBI etc.) have searched the accounts belonging to Tvind in the Miami Citi Bank. Danish police hope to get a clearer view of the international economic transactions of Tvind.
2001 Aug. 5, JyskeVestkysten: Tvind (i.e. "Fælleseje") is selling a former hotel on the island of Roemoe, that until recently housed a small school ("Fremtidens Danmark") My comment: This is the first time that Tvind is selling major property in Denmark except from the selling of Nebbegaard. It is a sign of the pressure that the authorities are putting on Tvind. Tvind is probably trying to move their assets to tax havens overseas before they are being confiscated. According to local sources Tvind owned houses in Grindsted are now for sale.
2001 Aug. 5: Tvind has set up a website (in Danish) defending the Humanitarian Foundation that is being investigated for fraud:
2001 July 15, Berlingske Tidende: Erhvervs- og Selskabsstyrelsen (Company Records) is launching a large scale investigation of Tvinds commercial activities in Denmark on the basis of the material that was confiscated earlier this year. Sources claim that many more illegal activities will be revealed.
2001 July 15, Berlingske Tidende: Some of Tvinds top leaders, including Mogens Amdi Petersen, Marlene Gunst, Ruth Sejerø-Olsen are emigrating to UK.
2001 July 7, Berlingske Tidende: Aage Michelsen, professor of tax law at the University of Aarhus and advisor to the government, is being questioned by the police. He was a paid consultant to Poul Jørgensen and the Tvind foundation now being investigatet for fraud. The police want information on his business relations with the foundation and they also want to know if he can be made liable for the illegal administration of the foundation.
2001 July 6, JyskeVestkysten: The development aid foundation of the danish state, DANIDA, and the unskilled workers union, SiD, are supporting COLSIBA, a latin american organisation helping the local unions. Among the toughest opponents of the unions are the banana plantations owned by off shore Tvind companies. The interesting part of the story is that both DANIDA and SiD used to support Tvind activities.
2001 June 28, Berlingske Tidende: In a document to the danish authorities Poul Jørgensen by mistake admits that Tvind owns the Fazenda Jatoba plantation in Brazil. This means that Tvind has used tax deductible funds (2.8 mill dollars) to finance their own business. According to danish law this is highly illegal. Poul Jørgensen is presently being prosecuted for that crime.
2001 June 27, Jyllands-Posten: The board of a Tvind foundation has been dismissed by the authorities because they have proof of irregularities. This means that Tvind loses control of millions of Dkr.
2001 April 25: Police confiscate documents from several adresses afiliated with Tvind

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