Friday, 8 January 2010

2004 News Update

2004, Dec. 30, Børsen: The court case against Amdi and the Tvind Top Seven is far from a conclusion. Originally it was supposed to end about now but since the beginning of the case the estimated total number of days in court has risen to 120. The eight highly profiled - and very well-payed - lawyers are busy people, and planning has become increasingly difficult. Now the judge says that the case in his court will last until april 2006. Whatever the result it will certainly be appealed to Landsretten - the first court of appeals - which usually takes even longer.

2004, Sep. 29, Horsens Folkeblad/Ritzau: A part of the Tvind property "Kysthospitalet" in Juelsminde, east Jutland, has been sold to developers who want to build housing with large expensive flats. Poul Jørgensen says that Tvind doesn't need all that space due to lack of students.

2004, Sep. 23, Jyllands-Posten: The United Nations World Food Programme is no longer cooperating with DAPP in a number of african countries. WFP provided transportation for food aid distributed by DAPP. WFP spokesman Mikael Bjerrum apparently has no complaints about the actual work being done by DAPP. He says rather vaguely that they are "concerned about the structure of their partner".

2004, Sep. 4, Politiken: according to the local newspaper The Herald, the government of Zimbabwe is planning to expropriate some land belonging to Tvind. Nobody - including spokesman Jørgensen - seems to have precise information on the matter. Tvinds headquarter for all activities in southern Africa just outside Harare may be in danger of seizure.

2004, Aug. 29, Jyllands-Posten: Interview with Simon Lichtenberg, who tells about his career and the Trayton Group in China, a company with 1.500 employees manufacturing and marketing furniture in China and Japan. He is a member of the TG but the Trayton Group is his own company. He shares parts of the profits with the TG. The rest is being reinvested in the company. He is not being modest but apparently he also has something to brag about.

2004, Aug. 20, several media: Court is in session again after the summer break. All 8 defendants appeared with a suntan and in a chearful mood. They have probably spent the summer in Zimbabwe.

2004, April 29, several media: Not very surprisingly witnesses like Steen Thomsen confirms the accusations made against Amdi Petersen. He on the other hand felt sick and had to leave court yesterday accompanied by Kirsten Larsen by his side. He has succeeded in giving the public the general impression that he is a weak old man. Steen Byrner and Kirsten Fuglsbjerg were absent with the permission of the court.

2004, March 27, De bergske blade (local papers from around Tvind's headquarters. Trustworthy): Real Madrid football club has donated 1200 pieces of club sportswear to Humana People to People. The gift was presented at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium by vice president Enrique Sánchez and coach Carlos Queiroz, who is himself from Mozambique. 3 years ago the club made a similar donation to HPtP.

2004, March: Press reports from the court sessions are as in February. The case is ecpected to end late 2005. Hans la Cour has that the "global research" project was a scam. It only donated the tax free money to the TG's own projects. (March 10) Birgitte Hector Nielsen - chairwoman of IFAS that gave money to "global research" - on the other hand has testified that everything Tvind does - i.e. the selling of used clothes in Mozambique - is to the benefit of everybody except Tvind. (March 2)

2004, February: Press reports from the court sessions are few and quite trivial: TG-members say they didn't do anything illegal. Former members of the TG on the other hand say that they did. Poul Jørgensen turned 60 on the 27th of this month. He is still referred to as the spokesman of Tvind. In that case he is the most low key spokesman ever, but he is still active as loyal manager in TG-businesses.

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