Friday, 8 January 2010

2005 News Update

2005, August 29, 3F newsletter (formerly SID-newsletter): Tvind plantation Las Italias in Ecuador managed by Bjarne Hjort has improved its relations with the workers union, says local chairman Guillermo Touma. A new and better agreement has been signed and the workers are now fully health insured. Las Italias is the only remaining Tvind plantation in Ecuador. Rio Culebra and Santa Rita were sold in 2002.

2005, August 4, Jyllands-Posten: A letter from the Malaysian government saying that Tvinds activities in the country are indeed protecting the enviroment may very well be a forgery. Mr. Herman Anjin, who is supposed to have written the letter, testified in court that it wasn't his signature on it and that it lacked the letterhead of his office.

2005, June 9, Tvind Alert: The Tvind clothing factory in Casablanca is closing down.

2005, May 25, Ritzau/BT: Now answering questions from his own defence-lawyer Amdi Petersen denies having had the role of a leader or anything like it.

2005, May 18, Ritzau: Amdi Petersen is being questioned by the prosecuters. He denies having had any influence on the foundation other than that of an advisor in spite of 10 witnesses saying the opposite.

2005, April 29, Ritzau: The Tvind foundation 'Faelleseje' is sueing a lawyer on St. Vincent for 10 mill Dkr. Tvind owned the 3300 acres Orange Hill Estate but the St. Vincent and Grenadines government expropriated it in 1993 and payed reparations through the lawyer, Othniel Sylvester, who according to Tvind kept some of the money for himself.

2005, April 7, Ritzau: The court case has past its 100th session out of an estimated total of 160 days in court and has until now cost 30 million Dkr (4½ mill Euro) + 10 mill. Dkr (1½ mill E.) in expences. Defence lawyer Merethe Stagetorn suggests that court procedures are reformed to prevent cases like this to clog the system. If would save a lot of time if you didn't have to read so many documents already known to the parties out loud in court.

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