Friday, 8 January 2010

2007 News Update

2007, Dec. 4, Lemvig Folkeblad: Being unable to serve a summons to Amdi Petersen the Minister of Justice, Lene Espersen, will now introduce a bill that will make it easier for the courts to proceed when people cannot be found. The minister makes no official reference to the Tvind case but off the record the disappearing of Amdi Petersen is named as the reason for the new bill.
2007, Dec. 3, Information: ADPP (local Humana-branch) in Mozambique educates 20 % of all teachers in the country. They learn classic teaching skills at a lower level than teachers graduated from government colleges but the "Tvind"-teachers are mainly known for their ability to involve local communities and to teach about gender and sex.
2007, Nov. 30, Portugalnyt: The Tvind ship "Store Bjørn" ("The Big Bear") has recently visited Cascais in Portugal.
2007, Nov. 7. Kristeligt Dagblad. In a remarkable article two old - and certainly former - friends of Amdi Petersen, Carsten Ringsmose and Ole Hansen, revise the story of Amdi Petersen short carreer as a teacher in the early sixties. Amdi Petersen himself says that he was dismissed as a teacher for his political opinions and his hairdo. They claim that it was because of his "very close and personal relations to the female students".
My comment: In a roman à clef by Ole Hansen "Umagen værd" from 2005, you will find a Amdi Petersen-like character having "close and personal relations" to young girls. Sexual relations to followers is standard modus operandi for a cult leader.

2007, Nov. 8, several media: The Tvind case reopens at Vestre Landsret (first court of appeal) today. Meanwhile there is no trace of Amdi Petersen, and the Minister of Justice is considering a reform that will make it easier to serve a summons. As it is now it has to take place in person which is an obvious archaic mode of operation in a globalized world.
2007, Oct. 9, private blog: a woman tells about a terrible experience with Tvind in Syria 25 years ago.
2007, Aug. 30, De bergske blade, A new trial date is set for the 7th of November.
2007, Aug. 16, Ritzau: Poul Jørgensen's lawyer, Jan Erik Kornerup Jensen, has become ill and the trial is now postponed for a month.
2007, July 7, Dagbladet Holstebro-Struer: The balance sheet shows that the Tvind foundation Fælleseje has made a total profit of 93,5 Mill. DKr. over the past five years, and 37 Mill in 2006 alone.
2007, May 17, TV2 Fyn: The Tvind institution, Nakkebølle, near the town of Faaborg, has opened its doors to the public for one day to enable people to form their own opinion about Tvind.
2007, Apr. 18, Ritzau: The public prosecutor announces that Grethe Flintegaard cannot be considered a member of the Amdi Petersen household. (See Apr. 10) It is not sufficient to share an adress with a person to fall under that category, and Petersen, Larsen Pipps and Gunst still haven't been legally summoned.
2007, Apr. 10, Tvindalert: Mogens Amdi Petersen, Kirsten Larsen, Christie Pipps and Marlene Gunst have now been legally summoned to the the new trial. According to law it is sufficient to hand over the summons to a member of the household and the police managed to summon all four through Grethe Flintegaard with whom they share an adress in the town of Grindsted.
2007, Apr. 4, (Fyens Stiftstidende). UFF/Humana is struggling to get their used clothes collection boxes back into the town of Svendborg.
2007, Mar. 6, DR: Since Poul Jørgensen is the only one of the six accused in the court appeal who could be located - and since also he has a right to a speedy and fair trial - the case will go on as planned with him alone, says public prosecutor Elsemette Cassøe. His first day in court will be on 22nd of August. Preliminary hearing will be held tomorrow.
2007, Jan. 18, CBS5, follow up on the Dec. 17th story.
2007, Jan. 4, Ritzau: The Landsret (court of appeals) decided that the appeal case against Tvind will begin with a preliminary hearing in March and continue from August with two weekly sessions.

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