Friday, 8 January 2010

2008 News Update

2008, Dec., The Tvind School has received the “Europäischer Solarpreis 2008” for its pioneering work with the wind turbine in Ulfborg.
2008, Oct. 23, Randers Amtsavis, A 19 year old student at Tvind has been arrested for arson.
2008, Sep. 11. DR, On the first day of the trial in the court of appeal (Vestre Landsret) only Poul Jørgensen has appeared.
My comment: The prosecution says that they have changed tactics and will put all blame on PJ. That is not tactics. It's pure necessity since they can't find the others. It's somewhat of a fiasco since PJ has been more of an errand boy than an actual leader.

2008, August 22, BBC4, Read transcript of BBC4 program

2008, April 13,, The veteran ships owned by Tvind are being moved from Nyborg to Faaborg, both on Funen.
2008, Jan. 20, tvindalert: A Tvind alert photographer has taken a picture showing what is most likely Amdi Petersen at the new HQ in Mexico in november 2007.
My comment: Tvindalert writes: "He constantly evades an international arrest warrant." This is actually not very precise. He has been but is not a fugitive. After the acquittal in August 2007 he left Denmark legally. Only after some days the prosecution decided for an appeal. When they tried to serve the summons for Amdi Petersen he was nowhere to be found. In other words: He is not wanted for a crime. According to the Ringkoebing Court he is innocent. He is wanted because the prosecution wants another go at him. Now we ask ourselves: Is there an Interpol Red Flag to his name? He is not on the Interpol list of internationally wanted persons. (Please note that this list represents only a very small proportion of the full list. The prosecutor indicates that she is looking for Amdi Petersen by all means at her disposal - whatever that means.) By the way: If it is Amdi Petersen on the picture he is dying his hair and generally looking younger than a year ago.

2008, Jan 14, tvindalert: The 10 million dollar Tvind mansion on the Pacific in northern Mexico is nearly finished. See link for pictures.

2008, Jan 8, Ritzau, In spite of the 1999 supreme court overruling of the 1996 "Lex Tvind" Tvind schools are still - now on an administrative basis - denied any state funding. A Tvind school in Juelsminde had sued the Ministry of Education but today's appeals court ruling denies the school any compensation for the loss of state funding after 1999.

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