Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Delayed summons accepted by court

Court of Appeals (Vestre landsret) April 14th: The deadline ran out in september 2006 for informing the members of the Tvind leadership that the prosecution wanted to appeal their acquittal. Although the summons could not be served in due time the court now rules that both the accused 'T' and her lawyer were fully aware of the prosecutors wish to appeal the case in 2006. The court finds that 'T'deliberately avoided authorities. She therefore has to appear before the court.

my comment: the verdict is interesting because it contains a rather detailed account of how the prosecutor tried to use Interpol to get hold of 'T' - Marlene Gunst. This is the first time we actually get official confirmation that 'T' actually was on an international wanted list and that Mexican authorities were the source of information that lead to her apprehension in Heathrow, October 2009.

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