Saturday, 2 October 2010

Humana Austria

An investigation by the Austrian periodical Datum September 2010, shows how Humana Austria like many of its sister organisations only donates very little to charity. 4.700 tons of used clothes were collected in 1.340 boxes in Vienna and surrounding districts in 2009 giving Humana Austria a turnover of 3,5 Million Euro of which only 4,7 % or 166.000 Euro was donated to Humana projects in Africa, says the organisation treasurer, Henning Mørch to Datum. This is less than the 210.000 Euro that was given to the Humana umbrella organisation, the so called 'Federation'. Mørch apparently does not know how much is payed in taxes. No annual reports are published. "A commercial cult" says long time observer Friedrich Griess.

The article documents that used clothes are sold to the commercial branch of Humana Slowakia, run by Helle Christensen, founder and head of Humana Austria. She was not available for an interview. She is in Rumania building the organisation there.

The very well informed British jounalist, Mike Durham, says that there is no doubt that Humana Austria is closely tied to Tvind. The classic Tvind "transfer-pricing-scam" is run here: selling used clothes very cheap to a commercial part of the Tvind organisation, that can gain good profits from selling it at marked prices.

The article also has interesting interviews with some of the local prominent supporters of Humana.

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